Synthesizing Strings & Percussion since 2020

Synthesizing Strings & Percussion since 2020

Synthesizing Strings & Percussion since 2020Synthesizing Strings & Percussion since 2020Synthesizing Strings & Percussion since 2020

What an amazing NAMM 2020!

Thank you to all of our new friends, we enjoyed meeting you and introducing the Quill to the world. 

Check out the videos of NAMM visitors trying the Quill for the first time ever!

New Quill Owners: Please email us your videos!!!  Keep in touch! -Dano

watch a first time quill user at namm 2020!

Click again to see our YouTube channel with more first time Quill experiences!

The Quill


When Strings Meet Percussion

Instructional and sample videos coming soon!

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We are proud to be eco-friendly and made in the USA!

A brief history of the Quill by the inventor

Twenty years may sound like a long head start, but soon I will be passed. And I can't wait!

A long time ago when I was a middle school Social Studies teacher, I was leaning back in my chair playing guitar for the last few minutes of class as students were preparing to leave for the day. A student approached me with a pen and a paper he needed me to sign, and went back to his desk without his pen. Still in my right hand, I started hitting the guitar strings with the pen instead of my usual finger picking, and we were all surprised that it sounded great! Each time I got my guitar out after that students would hand me different pens and pencils, rulers, etc. to try out, and before long I realized that I was gaining great control of these items in producing different sounds on my guitar, and also a growing awareness of their limitations.  I continued to play with pens, sticks, whatever I could find, for many years.  Now, after almost 20 years, with lots of work, lots of help, and lots of hope, we have painstakingly created the perfect tool to play your stringed instrument in an entirely new manner and create entirely new sounds.  I would like to thank my father and business partner, Joseph Peter Myers, for investing in the Quill and in me.  I would also like to thank Clark Rector, who taught me so much and worked tirelessly with me revising many prototypes to finally achieve this product. 


I know that someday a fellow musician will acquire a Quill and play like they were born with it in hand... I can't wait to meet you!


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